Certified Wander 4.16.22

Certified Wander


Governor Dodge State Park

The Mill Creek (2.3 mi) and Lakeview (1.0 mi) trails are fairly easy in terms of climbs and are easily accessible from the Cox Hollow Trailhead. Check out the full map at the Governor Dodge webpage.


I intended to revisit some of the places that made it into the video wander I made here back in February, but I ended up hiking a couple of the trails instead. The park had thawed, but hadn’t really come back to life, so most everything was pretty drab. Still, it felt good to stretch the legs, even if it was only in the low 40s.

Oddly enough, there were far fewer people in the park on the day before Easter than there were back in early February, which says less about the burden of Easter preparation, I think, than it does about the tenacity of winter, which is hanging around like a cold you can’t shake.


  • Category : Spring Wander
  • Date : April 16, 2022
  • Equipment : Nikon D3300, Google Pixel 4a 5G
  • Location : Governor Dodge State Park