Certified Wander 11.21.21

Certified Wander


Governor Dodge State Park

A vehicle admission sticker is required on all motor vehicles entering Governor Dodge State Park. An annual pass is the best way to go, but daily passes are available, too. Hard to overlook near the gate at the quirky Don Q. Inn is an area landmark: a Boeing Stratofreighter.


One of my favorite wanders is to Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville. It’s beautiful in all seasons, but especially so on a warm day late in the fall when what the temperature promises the wind takes away. Blustery days like that mean the park is left mostly to the hunters and the seriously committed. To have such a place mostly to yourself is pretty special, and when you do run across another person, there’s an unspoken bond and maybe a little bit of shared pride. Because the stuff you see — it comes at a cost that not everyone is willing to pay.


  • Category : Fall Wander
  • Date : November 21, 2021
  • Equipment : Nikon D3300
  • Location : Governor Dodge State Park