The Latest March 2022

The Latest


If you haven’t checked out the Wanders for a while, you’ll find a few winter wanders as well as a couple of video wanders that are kind of fun.

And of course every week I drop a new episode of both the Burly Flow Podcast as well as the Eric Stories Podcast that lives — along with a bunch more content — over on my Patreon page. And if you’re interested in reading more about my first stint in Burly Flow, there’s always This Ain’t Provence over in the bookstore.


The tenth Burly Flow Podcast episode came out just as winter broke. We’d had at least one flirtation with spring-like temperatures, but here, finally, everything was different — children were playing, couples were walking, there was a softness to the light and the air. Here, finally, we were looking at turning the page.

It’s funny how something that takes so long can happen so quickly. And how so much can be so easily put behind you.

So now: spring.

I know we’ve still got our share of cold snaps ahead of us, and undoubtedly a good portion of the next few months will be spent under a tornado warning, but every season around here comes with a cost, and now that we’ve paid for winter, we’re all of us eager to shell out for what comes next, whatever it might be.