Excerpt: The Pond

Excerpt: This Ain’t Provence


The Pond

The Pond

According to local legend, the Pond is located somewhere deep in the spring-fed backwaters — so deep, in fact, that it’s only accessible during those hundred year floods that come along every few decades — and with few predators and no fishing pressure, locals say there’s no telling how big these trapped bass could get.

To my knowledge, no none has ever actually found this backwater Brigadoon, but that doesn’t keep folks from speculating over its whereabouts. Some even continue to search for it, though fewer and fewer venture out every year.

“That’s because people have lost their taste for the fanciful,” old Tully Simmons told me down at the Hightower Ramp. That was a pretty deep statement for Tully and just about as philosophical as you could expect from a guy with a bowl of cornmeal and crawlers between his knees. Still, I liked it. And I liked Tully.


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