Excerpt: The International Incident

Excerpt: This Ain’t Provence


The International Incident

The International Incident

Sometime after lunch, a tour bus full of thirsty British rugby players on a beer tour of Wisconsin pulled into town and had the dubious honor of asking Joey for directions to the Stump, a popular microbrewery about fifteen miles down the road. Rather than giving them the simple, straightforward directions to the Stump (keep going until you hit it) or even the Pump (it’s right across the street), Joey misunderstood and sent them to the dump instead, which aside from being closed happened to be about two miles down a very serpentine and completely impassible dead end road.

Fortunately for the rugby players, the bus came equipped with a flare gun. Unfortunately for Joey, however, he was the first to respond to the distress signal, giving him the awkward distinction of being both the cause of their peril as well as the instrument of their rescue.


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