Certified Wander 1.10.22

Certified Wander


Grant River

I love how snow sounds different depending on the conditions. I left the sound of my steps in the audio to show how cold it was. If you hear that particular crunch, you know the snow is going to have that sparkle..


In spite of the single digit temps — the day may have crossed over into double digits, but not with the wind — I decided to take my new winter hat for a spin (the break-in wander on Sunday wasn’t really much of a test). It was a sunny, beautiful day and I ended up at the Grant River.

Once you get down to the frozen banks of the river itself, it’s like you’ve stepped into another world. I was the only visitor to stay since the last snow — one set of footprints went down and then directly back up again (a Griswold on vacation, maybe?) — but there were all sorts of animal tracks.

I probably stayed for close to an hour, and the hat … turned out to be a good investment.